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Welcome to the FocalPoint Help Files. These help files are broken into the following sections

First, a Site Preparation Guide that provides guidelines on the type of hardware and environment is supported by FocalPoint

A guide to the Visum Online Support Site, where more resources can be found, like access to an enhancement request portal, release documentation, recorded webinars, and more!

A guide on your responsibilities for backing up FocalPoint.

A FocalPoint Reference Library where you can find help on most topics in FocalPoint. This section is arranged primarily in the same order as FocalPoint's menu structure

A FocalPoint Training Regimen, which is closely followed during the implementation process.

Other helpful reference guides including information on optional hardware devices, credit card integration, and Partsmart.


For New Visum Customers

If you are a new customer, this guide will help you through the implementation process, but you will not be alone.  We will be with you through every step of the process making sure that the implementation is moving along at the pace you desire, and that all of your expectations are being met...hopefully exceeded!


The Site Preparation Guide is a reference guide to inform you of important information about your computer hardware and networking requirements.  If you need to know if one of your PC's will work with FocalPoint, of if a particular Windows operating system is compatible, this guide will help you.


The Training Regimen section represents the training regimen in a table format to help you find sections easily that you just learned about yesterday or are interested in learning about today. The following sections will guide you through setting up and using FocalPoint. These sections may be used as after-training references, but you may always work ahead and on your own whenever you wish.


The final section for you, Going Live, explains the steps you should take to start using FocalPoint in a live environment.  Once you are live, you can use these help files as a quick reference tool for yourself, as a training tool for new employees, or as a refresher tool for veteran employees.


For Existing Visum Customers

For all of our valued customers, these help files can be used as a quick reference tool for yourself, as a training tool for new employees, or as a refresher tool for veteran employees. The FocalPoint Reference Library is laid out in the same manner as the FocalPoint menu system.


Not finding what you're looking for?


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Printing the Help Files

To answer the question "where's the manual", this is it! You may certainly print these help files, but we recommend only printed the chapters that need printing.  Watch for the printer button at the top of help screens. Once pressed, you may be prompted to either print the selected topics, or if a chapter was highlighted at the time, print the entire chapter.  It is always advisable to print only what you need, as with every new release of FocalPoint, the help files will often change with the software.


Please view a short video on these help files