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Site Preparation Guide

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Click here for a PDF version of the Site Preparation Guide


Site preparation is a very important "first step" in any computer system installation.  Knowing the ideal location for the computer, and having the proper environmental conditions can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the life of your computer and how well it can work for you.


Issues like poor electrical wiring or planning can determine how often your computer will be affected.  For instance, when someone turns on the photo copier, or when the furnace kicks on, or even when electrical motors start to run such as the kind found in refrigerators and pop machines, your computer can “freeze” or lock up, be unintentionally reset or rebooted, or make erroneous transfers of data.  Electrical "noises" produced by these kinds of equipment can adversely affect your computer system if the computer is plugged into the same circuit as the other devices, or is on the same electrical line (circuit breaker) as the other devices.


Likewise, the environment in which the computer is located can make a dramatic difference in the computer's performance and reliability. Static electricity is a major contributor to malfunctions in a computer, as are excessive temperatures causing the computer to overheat.


Network preparations are equally important prior to installation.  Consult your local computer networking provider for assistance in getting your network in place.  Keep in mind any security measures to take when using a wireless network, as well as any performance issues that can affect consistent operations within the network.  A poor wireless connection will not be adequate for effective operations.


This document will try to familiarize the reader with specific considerations when installing a computer and ways to avoid the problems discussed above.